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Mulango Children’s Home

Mulango Children’s Home was the very first home God opened when 58ten was established, and it’s been a blessing and testament to his love ever since. The home, built to house 150 children between 5 and 16 years old, is currently housing 165 kids. The home has 11 staff members, managed by Festus Nzoka Kivuli. Knowing these children need a sense of home more than any, Festus has done an amazing creating a family environment around Mulango.

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Mulango by the numbers

One child whose life was changed by the home was Jane Mutanu Mbula.

Jane’s father is unknown. Her mother has AIDS and is mentally unstable.  Jane was abandoned by an unknown person at Kalundu Market. She has three siblings that are in a rehabilitation center after being found living on the streets.

The biggest ongoing need at Mulango is financial support for the older kids’ education. Around the age of 13 Kenyan teenagers take a test to gain the opportunity to further their education in local boarding schools. This education is critical for equipping these children to lead stable lives. Our prayer is that the 58ten community would be able to provide for the tuition costs of the children old enough to attend these schools during the semester. 

Kitui Baby Home

The Kitui Baby Home houses approximately 50 babies, and is designed to house babies between infancy and  five years of age, after which they are usually admitted to the Mulango Children’s Home. There are currently 23 staff members working at the home under the management of Winfred Kioko, the former Assistant Manager at Mulango. See pictures of the home.

Each baby’s life is significantly altered, and often saved, by admittance to the home.

Carolyn_Vaati-3One child whose life will change is Caroline.

Caroline’s single mother passed away on March 19, 2012 due to tuberculosis. Caroline does not have any relatives who are able to provide holistic care for her. She was admitted into Kitui Baby Home one week after her mother’s death.

The 58ten community is committed to funding 60 cribs and needs approximately $18,000 for 2017 and 2018 funding.  We are asking people to consider sponsoring a “Full Crib” or a “Half Crib.” If you are interested in giving, please email us at Contact@58ten.com, or we can set up a time to talk to you about it over the phone, Skype or even coffee.

If you have already committed and want to setup your monthly donation, click here.

Kitui by the numbers