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Our Story

The AIC (Africa Inland Church) has been an evangelical denomination present in Kenya since the early 1900s. In response to the growing number of orphans in Kenya, AIC began developing a network of Children’s Homes throughout the country during the 1970s. Over the next three decades, this vision resulted in the establishment of 23 homes. These structures were strategically located in communities throughout Kenya where there were a significant number of orphaned children.

When the homes lost their funding several years ago, a group from Chelten Baptist Church in the greater Philadelphia area formed an organization called Chariots for Hope, whose mission was to build strategic partnerships and acquire sustainable funding for the children living within the AIC Children’s Home Network.

Around this time, 58ten Inc was founded, after our hearts were burdened for the dire need of the many orphans in Kenya. We desired to be used of the Lord to help, but we were not sure in what capacity. We were soon connected to the Chariots for Hope organization. After our introduction to Chariots for Hope and our exploring what role the Lord had for us in working with them, it was clear he was opening doors and directing us to support one of these Children’s Homes.

Currently, there are many existing structures that previously functioned as Children’s Homes but were closed due to loss of funding. We have the opportunity to reopen and use these buildings if we can produce the support needed for them to operate.

Our goal is to raise these necessary funds in order to provide holistic care for the children who enter our doors, and more importantly, to share the gospel with them. Beyond sharing the love of Christ with the children he brings our way, we want our homes to shine as lights in the community as well. While we do feel it is biblically essential to provide for the physical, educational, and emotional needs of the children, we know that their spiritual needs are of the utmost importance. As many of them have not received the critical love of parents, we desire for our homes to be a place where children discover the love of their Heavenly Father.

Logistically, each home contains a director and staff comprised of Kenyan nationals who run the day to day operations. Chariots for Hope staff have their feet on the ground over six times a year to observe and check on the progress being made at each home, and 58ten makes visits on an annual basis. We also incorporate sponsor trips into our visits to build child/sponsor relationships, as well as our relationships with the Kenyan staff. These trips have been a blessing both to the sponsors going and the staff in Kenya. You can read about some of them here.

58ten’s desire is to unite a community of believers willing to partner with us as we attempt to fulfill the biblical command to “pour yourself out for the hungry,” so that our light will “rise in the darkness.” We covet your prayers and support and would love for you to contact us if you have additional questions.