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Meet Dennis and Zipporah

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When the Mulango Children’s Home first re-opened in 2012, there were one hundred children in the home. Four months later, we added another fifty children. At that time the clear majority of the children were between the ages of seven and ten. Fast forward almost seven years, and we now have a home of over 170 children, but half of them are teenagers. As the children are turning into young adults, some things have become easier, but many things have become more difficult. Many of the children are dealing with some sort of childhood trauma, which is the very reason they needed a home of hope in the first place. The staff has done a great job of counseling

and walking through life with each of the children. However, we saw a new challenge arising as the children go off to high school, and then college. In Kenya, high schools are boarding schools. This means that the children are not living at Mulango for eight to nine months of the year. To add another layer of support, we decided to create a chaplaincy position that is much like a youth/college pastor here in the States. Ideally, this position would be filled jointly by a couple who would be able to travel to each school and minister to our teens there.

We also knew this couple would need to be very sharp and have a passion for young adults, so that the husband could focus his efforts on the young men, and the wife could focus her efforts on the young ladies. We thought this was especially important considering the many challenges teenagers face. We are so glad that God did provide the perfect couple. Meet Dennis and Zipporah Mutua.
Dennis and Zipporah both attended Scott Theological College, where they received both Biblical and Leadership training. We enjoyed hearing their story on our trip and were even able to be there for their anniversary. God has also blessed them with a little boy and little girl. Being local to the Mulango

area, they have built relationships with many of the kids even before they took on this new role. We have been beyond impressed with the talents and skills God has given them and with their hearts for the young adults. Please be praying for Dennis and Zipporah in their new role.