The Kitui Baby Home

The Kitui Baby Home is the only home of its kind in Kitui. The home is a safe haven for vulnerable babies, providing a place where they can thrive. As costs continue to rise, 58ten donations are consistently less than what is needed to meet our budget.

In order to meet this need, we need you!

But maybe not in the way you think. We ARE NOT asking you to give more money.

The Value of Shared Ownership

We are asking 58ten team members to step into Shared Ownership.

Will you commit to recruiting one new crib sponsor in 2020?

Our hope is to strengthen the foundation of the Kitui Baby home so we can continue providing a safe haven for more babies in Kitui, Kenya.

Will you help us make this a reality for the babies of Kitui?

The Sequence


Introduce yourself and 58ten and share a little bit about the organization. “58ten is an incredible child-sponsorship organization that I’ve partnered with for years. They are gospel-centered and have an awesome emphasis on shared ownership. 58ten supports an orphanage and an baby home in Kenya.”

The Problem

“58ten is looking to boost support for the Kitui Baby Home and because of our shared value of shared ownership I’ve committed to helping them find one crib sponsor this year.”

The Solution

“The Kitui Baby Home is the only home of its kind in Kitui, Kenya. It is a safe haven for babies who would otherwise have no food, no care, and no place to call home. You can help provide that home and a gospel-centered upbringing for a baby in need.”

The Solution

” Mwai’s story starts out tragically. He was abandoned in the gutter, in a bag with his own placenta by his parents. When someone from the community heard his cries they picked him up and brought him to the hospital. The doctors knew he needed a safe place to call home so they took him to the Kitui Baby Home. he now has a place where he is given unconditional love and support, but more importantly, he has a family and a gospel-centered upbringing.”

Call to Action

“By sponsoring a crib you can provide a home for babies just like Mwai. Go to to sign up. I’ll also link to the site in the comments. Thanks!”

Will you join us?

We have provided everything you need. Whether you're committing to host a dinner or simply want to share with your social network, we've prepared the necessary tools. To get started, download the resources linked below and we will guide you through the process. 

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