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Funds Needed
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How it started

58ten was started in 2011 by three guys who worked together, were roommates, and were burdened for the poor and needy. Seemingly overnight, God opened doors in surprising ways which led to 100 sponsors joining the brand-new, unproven 58ten community. Since then our little community has served hundreds of children from newborn babies all the way up to our “children” who are now in college. Over the past decade, our community has grown as has our commitment to the holistic flourishing of each one of our children. 

Where We Are

Education, a core component of holistic care, accounts for one-third of the 58ten budget. We focus on providing education from pre-school through college in order to break the cycle of poverty. The Academic Partners Program provides proper, holistic care for each child we serve.



Kitui Baby Home

15 – 30 children


Mulango Children’s Home

50 – 60 children


Mulango Children’s Home

50 – 60 children


On Campuses

25 – 35 children

Become an Academic Partner

Options for becoming an Academic Partner begin at $3,000 annually.
We ask that Academic Partners commit to a 3-year term. This gives us the ability to forecast our academic budget and allows us time to find replacement partners when needed without a lapse in funds. As an Academic Partner, your commitment aids in changing the lives of the children by providing consistent, quality education. You will receive academic updates throughout the year.

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