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Reasons to Visit Kenya with 58ten (Part 2 of 5)

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These posts are written by Carl Kiger, a long time sponsor and 58ten community member. After traveling to Kenya, Carl felt compelled to share with other sponsors why they should consider taking a trip to Kenya with 58ten.

Practical Considerations: Like many of you, I lead a very busy life. My job is customer facing, and my pay is 100% commission based. Simply put, if I am not bringing business in the front door, I am not getting paid. Prior to my first trip to Kenya a couple of years ago, the thought of not being able to respond to customers for ten days was scary from an income perspective. However, in early 2014, my church challenged each of us to go on a short-term mission trip, so at that time I committed to do so. I made my first trip in September of 2014. Though I was away from my job for ten days, when I got back I was completely back up to speed at my job in a couple of days. My point in sharing these details with you is just to make you aware that any hurdles you view as keeping you from going are never as high as your mind will make them. Plus, I firmly believe that the work 58ten is doing in Kenya (including our travel over there) is work in service of the Kingdom; therefore, the Lord takes things which look like hurdles with respect to doing this work and makes them mere bumps in the road.

Lastly, regarding practical considerations, when thinking of traveling to Kenya, I know you will worry about things such as safety, sanitary conditions, food, disease, etc…. Similar things went through my mind prior to my first trip. While these are all things you should take seriously, the good news is that we are not trailblazers with respect to the trip. Specifically, 58ten has everything mapped out, and they have relationships in Kenya in place, which make all aspects of the trip run very smoothly. Each trip will have its unique situations, which will be faced and resolved, but across the span of two trips I have not encountered anything that we were not able to work through. If you follow 58ten’s pre-trip planning instructions, you will be well prepared for any challenges which you face. To sum it up, it is like you are going to an all-inclusive 5-star resort where all your activities and your schedule are mapped out for you in advance, only your destination is much different (and much better) than a 5-star resort :-).

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