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Reasons to Visit Kenya with 58ten (Part 1 of 5)

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These posts are written by Carl Kiger, a long time sponsor and 58ten community member. After traveling to Kenya, Carl felt compelled to share with other sponsors why they should consider taking a trip to Kenya with 58ten.

Part 1

Carl did not give us permission to use this picture.

My name is Carl Kiger. My wife, Donna, and I sponsor Moki Kithome at the Mulango Children’s Home through 58ten. Since starting to sponsor him several years ago, I have had the wonderful privilege of being able to travel to Kenya twice (via the 58ten sponsor trips) to visit him. Since I am not much of a writer, I rarely take time to put my thoughts down on paper, but after this most recent trip, I decided that it was finally time to do so. My reason for doing so is simple, as any other sponsor who has already traveled to Kenya already knows, making the trip will change two lives, yours and that of the child that you sponsor. I am sure that many of you reading this letter have considered going in the past but have never taken that step, and I am sure there are others of you who have never seriously considered going for any number of reasons. So, whether you are one step, or many steps, away from making the decision to visit the child you sponsor, I hope this letter will get you across the finish line. Put more simply, you need to go, so I am here to convince you.

Reason #1…

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