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5 Ways to Pray for the Staff in Kenya

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“Be strong and courageous,” God commanded Joshua. “Do not be afraid or discouraged.” How impossible that must have felt at that moment. Joshua was just given the task to lead the Israelites to possess their land, which would mean strong opponents, long battles, and even longer odds. On top of that, he had just witnessed the death of the former leader, Moses, who had failed this same task. Being afraid would be a normal response.

So God gave Joshua a series of instructions: Be strong and courageous; Meditate day and night on the Book of the Law; Do not be frightened or discouraged. And while Joshua does those things, God promises that He will not leave him or forsake him. The ESV study notes on this passage say, “The Hebrew terminology used in these assurances has nothing to do with worldly wealth or worldly success, but has everything to do with accomplishing one’s mission and acting with keen insight in any circumstance that presents itself.”

I can’t think of a task more important, or in more need of wisdom, than leading the kids of Mulango and Kitui. The staff have become Dad and Mom to over 200 kids who have varied life experiences. The kids come to the home at different ages and for different reasons, but they all look to the staff for stability, comfort, provision, guidance, and love. Wow. That is an overwhelming task. But if you talk to the staff, it is something they feel called to. It is not “just a job” to them. Like Joshua, it is their God-given task.

So what can we do to support our staff at Mulango and Kitui? Here are five things from Joshua 1 we can pray for the staff:
1. Strength and courage to accept their task
2. Diligence to meditate on and to obey God’s Word
3. Resistance to fear
4. Wisdom in every circumstance
5. Open hands for the outcome

Thank you for partnering with us and pouring yourself out in prayer for our brothers and sisters in Kenya.

-By Lora Allston

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