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Wrestling with the “Why”

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I’m incredibly blessed to be the father of two amazing children. One is my nine-year-old daughter who is going on fifteen. She is sweet, a little sassy, dramatic, loving, and very passionate. She loves to talk to her mom and me about all kinds of things, to give us hugs, and to spend time with her family. We also have a baby boy who is just about to turn 5 months. He may be the happiest baby on earth, and he is loved by so many people already. As I hold him in the middle of the night to calm his crying, or as I hug my daughter when she is sad, my thoughts go to Kenya. I find myself working through mixed emotions that I’m sure many of you have wrestled with, as well.

Kids whose lives are similar and yet so different. Wrestling with the "why" can be tough.

Kids whose lives are similar and yet so different. Wrestling with the “why” can be tough.

First, I am humbled that God has given me children to love. I’m humbled that they have parents who love them and who can give them consistent, individual attention. Why do we have it so easy?

Second, I think of the children we serve and how many of them come from homes where they have no parents. Some have loving extended family members, but they had to be sent to bed hungry because there was no food and there would be none in the morning, either. Others were not only hungry, but they were abused, emotionally and physically. Why does God allow this?

Third, I think about how amazing it is that these children now have loving staff members who pour themselves out for these kids. I’m thankful that God has stepped into these desperate situations and given these kids hope. I’m thrilled that He uses the 58ten community. Do you know how much of a difference you are making? It is far from inconsequential.

But what does this mean for us on a daily basis being so far removed from the children in Kenya. I’ll encourage you in three areas:
1. Step into the uncomfortable nature of our uncontrollable God. His ways are higher than our ways, and His thoughts higher than ours. God has something to teach us through our connection with our “Kenyan children.”
2. Ask for God’s mercy and power to bring restoration to the children in our homes. They have faced so much, but God can use what Satan means for evil and turn it for good.
3. I’ll repeat my thought from above – what our 58ten community members do is far from inconsequential. Thank you, thank you, thank you for partnering with us in whatever area that may be.

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