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It is hard to believe the first two months of the year have already flown by. Most of us have enjoyed a winter storm or two and have probably not lived up to our New Year’s resolutions. Hopefully, this email will bring a smile to your face because it is about what you have accomplished as a community, as well as what we hope to do in 2016.

Here are a few highlights from 2015:

• You gave enough money to meet our budget, and then exceeded it so we could fund projects. These projects included finishing home repairs, growing the Education Fund, and allocating money for projects that will be finished in 2016.
• God allowed a successful management transition at Kitui Baby Home that has led to a thriving home with an increasingly bright future.
• Our first group of kids advanced from primary to secondary school, including one boy who was accepted to a top-tier high school (think Ivy League).
• A healthy, loving, Gospel centered home was provided to over 200 children.
• Hannah Stanley led a team to update the 58ten website.

Here are a few Goals for 2016:

Host Events

  • We have partnered with Pastor Meshack Kioko to lead a pastor’s conference in Kenya. This has been a goal of ours since we started, and we are thrilled that Pastor Paul Caughill and Dyke Habbegger have agreed to teach at this event.
    58ten Prayer Nights have already happened, and we hope to do them again in the future.
  • We will hold a 58ten event for all to attend this year.
  • We will lead another trip to Kenya.

Reach Full Sponsorship Capacity for the Kitui Baby Home

  • We currently have 72 “Cribs Sponsored” and need a total of 97 “Cribs Sponsored” to cover the annual budget of the Kitui Baby Home.

Improve Collections Process

  • We have started the process of moving all donations to Kindful, an online donation platform. This will allow you to control your donations, and provide us with a better process.

Improve Communications – It is our desire to connect the 58ten community more closely to what is going on in Kenya on a continual basis. We plan to improve this with consistent communications in a few areas. We are also open to other suggestions you may have.

  • Social Media: We will consistently post information on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Newsletter: If you are more of an email person, we will send out a newsletter each month.
  • Blog: We have added a blog to our website. Find it at http://www.58ten.com/blog .
  • Mailing: We will send a Kitui booklet out to all Kitui sponsors.

In upcoming newsletters we also want to give you more insight into the financials of 58ten, the homes in Kenya, and where exactly your money is going. Stay tuned for that information.

We are continually humbled that we get to lead such a great group of people who are pouring themselves out for the poor and needy in Kenya.

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