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Looking Back on this Year’s Trip

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Trip in Review

Jordan, Jeremy, and I returned from Kenya last month where we were able to spend time with the amazing staff at the homes and with the beautiful children many of you sponsor. There was much to talk about. There was planning. There was praying. And there was fun. There was also the reality check of the challenges that lie ahead, the hardships the children face, and the weight of responsibility so many in the 58ten family have. Sometimes we forget about this responsibility because all of the “action” is happening half-way around the world. But in the midst all of these feelings, the one that was most prominent was the feeling of being humbled. God is fighting for these children in powerful ways, and for some unknowable reason He has chosen us to be a part of it. He has chosen to use us who are weak, full of pride, and, many times, struggling in our own walk with God. Nevertheless, He loves us and rewards us abundantly as we take small steps of faith and generosity. Make no mistake about it, the 58ten community members are a massive blessing to these children in Kenya, but the blessing that is being received is well beyond anything we deserve. Our God is generous, and we are the blessed recipients. 

Ben Allston

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